New to the 2019:

  • There are now multiple ways to make the Louisiana Made roster and participate at the All State Championships!

  • New event added: Louisiana Exposure Games!

  • Any player that participates in a Pro-Day, Exposure Games, or All State Games will be added to the Louisiana Made Leader Board. Leader Board will consist of: 60 times, Catcher Pop Times, Exit Velocity, and Throwing Velocity.

  • Teams will be selected from the Louisiana All State Games and Louisiana Exposure Games. The tournament will be played on Labor Day Weekend in one of the following locations: Lafayette, Dallas, or Houston. 

Below are the dates and locations for the 2019 events:

What are the Louisiana All State Games and Louisiana Exposure Games?

This program is designed to recognize the best players in each division/class. Players will have an opportunity to showcase their talents in front of their family, coaches, and peers at the 2019 Louisiana All State Games and Louisiana Exposure Games. At these events players will be put through a collegiate style showcase event in order to prepare them for similar events later in their baseball journey. Teams will be picked from the All State Championships based on arm strength, bat speed/power, pitch velocity, pitch control, and in game play.

 This event is for players residing in Louisiana only!