What are the All State Showcase Championships?

The All State Showcase Championships are the culmination of a great season for the players that are selected to participate in this one of a kind event. Players are selected the Louisiana All State Games based on results of workouts and in game play to participate in this event. The Showcase Championships include All State Teams from surrounding states. This event includes skill competitions that all players have the opportunity to participate in; as well as tournament style play to see which state will prevail in showcasing their local talent!

How do I qualify for the All State Showcase Championships?

  • Players will be selected from the All State Games to attend the All State Showcase Championships.

    • Players are selected on in game play, throwing velo, exit velo, infield skills, outfield skills, and most important attitude and hard work!

  • How many teams are selected from the All State Games? There is not a minimum or maximum amount of teams that will be selected. Any player who deserves to be apart of Team Louisiana will be selected.

What are the cost if selected to Team Louisiana?

  • All State Showcase Championships - $225

What will players who qualify receive if they are chosen to a Team Louisiana Team?

  • Team Louisiana Jersey Top

  • Team Louisiana Hat

  • Team Entry Fee Paid

  • Insurance Provided

What events take place at the All State Championships?

  • Laser Timed 60s

  • Throwing Velo - Radar

    • Three throws into a net 

  • Exit Velo - Radar

    • Exit Velo will be recorded off a tee

  • Home Run Derby

  • Games played against other All State Teams from the surrounding area

What comes after the All State Showcase Championships?

  • Team Louisiana Select